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Free delivery for every order upon prior request within 24 hours after cleaning

What We Do Best:

our services

Dry Cleaning

Professional dry cleaning services for a fresh and polished wardrobe.

Drapery Cleaning

Specialized cleaning to rejuvenate and refresh your drapes.

Leather Cleaning

Preserve the quality and beauty of your leather items with our professional cleaning

Silk and Suede

Delicate care for silk and suede garments, maintaining their luxurious allure.

Commercial Laundry

Efficient and reliable laundry solutions to meet the demands of your business.

Shirt Laundry

Expert care for your shirts, ensuring a crisp and professional appearance

Reasons to choose us:

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Professional Care

We’re a supreme, door-to-door delivery dry cleaning and laundry service. With minimum effort you choose a pick-up & drop-off time and we’ll... …

Fast Delivery

Overnight dry cleaning and laundry delivery. Your clean clothes will arrive 24h after pick-up. By the time you take off that last shirt, the fresh... …

Excellent Results

We provide high quality dry cleaning, laundry and ironing services from premium facilities, and take custom orders so you can look and feel just... …