Pricing At Libas Laundry, we believe in providing transparent and competitive pricing for our laundry and garment care services. Our pricing structure is designed to offer flexibility and cater to your specific needs. Below is an overview of our pricing in the Indian context for various services:
  1. Regular Laundry:
    • Shirt/T-shirt: INR 50 per piece
    • Trousers/Pants: INR 70 per piece
    • Kurta/Kurti: INR 60 per piece
    • Jeans: INR 70 per piece
    • Salwar Kameez: INR 80 per set
    • Saree: INR 100 per piece
    • Dupatta/Stole: INR 40 per piece
    • Shorts: INR 50 per piece
  2. Dry Cleaning:
    • Shirt/T-shirt: INR 80 per piece
    • Trousers/Pants: INR 100 per piece
    • Kurta/Kurti: INR 90 per piece
    • Jeans: INR 100 per piece
    • Salwar Kameez: INR 110 per set
    • Saree: INR 150 per piece
    • Dupatta/Stole: INR 60 per piece
    • Shorts: INR 80 per piece
  3. Premium Garments:
    • Blazers/Suits: INR 300 per piece
    • Lehenga/Heavy Embroidered Outfits: Starting from INR 800 per piece (Price may vary based on the intricacy of the design and fabric)
  4. Stain Removal:
    • Basic Stain Removal: INR 30 per stain
    • Complex Stain Removal: Starting from INR 50 per stain (Price may vary based on the type and severity of the stain)
  5. Alterations:
    • Hemming: Starting from INR 50 per piece
    • Sleeve Shortening/Lengthening: Starting from INR 80 per piece
    • Waist Alteration: Starting from INR 100 per piece
    • Dress/Fit Alterations: Starting from INR 150 per piece (Price may vary based on the complexity of the alteration)
  6. Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation:
    • Cleaning: Starting from INR 1,500 per piece (Price may vary based on the fabric, design, and embellishments)
    • Preservation: Starting from INR 2,000 per piece (Includes cleaning, special packaging, and storage materials)
  7. Household Items:
    • Bedding (Bedsheets, Pillow Covers, etc.): Starting from INR 80 per set
    • Curtains/Drapes: Starting from INR 150 per pair
    • Tablecloths: Starting from INR 100 per piece
Please note that the above prices are indicative and may vary based on the size, fabric, condition, and special requirements of the garments. For an accurate quote, we recommend visiting our store or contacting our customer service team. We also offer customized packages and discounts for bulk orders, corporate clients, and long-term service contracts. Feel free to inquire about our special offers and promotions when you visit our premises or reach out to our customer support team. At Libas Laundry, we are committed to providing high-quality services at reasonable prices. We strive to deliver excellent results while ensuring the care and longevity of your garments. Trust us with your laundry needs, and we will go the extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations.